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1 hour delivery in Dubai , the fastest, Guaranteed!!!

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100% original, made in Russia, Kazakhstan origin

No difference. Most HEETS are original. Unscrupulous sellers praise goods from their region in order to better establish sales. They are all the same, if original. We have original HEETS.

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1 hour delivery in Dubai , the fastest, Guaranteed!!!

IQOS Heets Dubai

The innovative smoking system from Philip Morris is the best way to enjoy tobacco without compromising your health. The smoking device is widely used in the UAE. And the plates used in IQOS Heets UAE are presented by our company in a wide variety. On a domain site you can buy stick on the best conditions. On our platform the cartridges Heets Tobacco are presented in the big assortment.

Heets online shop

Heets tobacco sticks are replacement components of IQOS electronic systems for smoking. Their main advantage over regular cigarettes is the absence of contaminants harmful to the body. Such Heatsticks consist of high-quality tobacco impregnated with glycerine. They do not secrete combustion products, which can be harmful to health (due to the low temperature of the device itself).
In our online store there are 8 types of sticks, which differ from each other in taste and strength:

  • Heets Yellow Label (lightweight version of Amber, similar to light cigarettes, suitable for everyday use);
  • Heets Amber Label (the strongest sticks are distinguished by the rich aroma of tobacco, as much like regular cigarettes);
  • Heets Silver (a classic tobacco with virtually no aromatic additives);
  • Heets Green Label (a citrus tobacco mix that leaves a sour aftertaste);
  • Heets Bronze Label (a novelty from the brand, the taste of which is based on chocolate);
  • Heets Purple Wave (tobacco with rich notes of berries, pronounced currant and mint);
  • Heets Turquoise Label (menthol cartridges);
  • Heets Gold Selection (woody flavor);

Before you buy Heets Dubai online, we recommend that you read the detailed description of the sticks (provided for each product).

Distinctive feature of tobacco Heatsticks is a rich aroma: citrus, woody notes, mint. Aromatizers are completely harmless to the body, but at the same time allow the smoker to get new sensations and enjoy a pleasant taste.

New HEETS Creations

A new limited edition version of the HEETS Creations that was released earlier this year by Philip Morris. The HEETS Creations collection introduced new flavours of Noor, Glaze and Yugen.
Developing new tastes of Heets, the authors were looking for inspiration in gastronomy and combination of unusual ingredients. Basil, pineapple, nuts, spices, pear, jasmine, lime, vanilla – the creators tried many combinations to find the best. The result – unique tobacco mixes with unusual flavors and aromas.

  • Heets Creation Glaze;
  • Heets Creation Apricit;
  • Heets Creation Noor;
  • Heets Creation Yugen.

Heets wholesale

Our IQOS shop online offers not only a wide range of official sticks for the smoking system, but also favorable conditions for their purchase:

  • Good prices for all products;
  • Constant discounts and promotions;
  • Special terms for bulk orders;
  • Fast delivery of Heatsticks to Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities.

You can buy Heatsticks Aroma in just two clicks. All you need to do is select the most attractive taste and add it to your shopping cart. If you can’t decide on the flavour, we recommend ordering several packs of smoking sticks at once. This way you can try all the cartridges and choose the most suitable flavor for you.

Price of heets

Our online store has the most profitable heets cost, which is regularly reduced through promotions and discounts. Low prices are due to direct cooperation of our company with the manufacturer of tobacco sticks and work online. For wholesale buyers there are additional improvements in terms of purchase: the more Heets packs you buy, the better the final price will be for you. With the online shop domain, buying replacement cartridges for the IQOS smoking system in the UAE will be even more profitable, affordable and faster for you. We always have the most popular tobacco mixes available. That’s why we send orders to all cities as quic